How Can Commercial Drone Applications Cultivate Dual-Use Capabilities to Serve the Military Market?

Government/Defense contracts can be a lasting income for any commercial portfolio, but what does it take for a commercial drone solution provider to break into the defense/aerospace sector of the U.S. Government? What should commercial drone solution providers know about how the defense market sector operates? What is the value in considering this market sector and when might it make sense to diversify? What are some of the challenges, pitfalls, and misconceptions about this sector?

This whitepaper explores what it means to explore or newly define product solutions and services that have been developed or are intended for commercial and non-model purposes to be a fit for military and defense applications by:

  • defining the factors that commercial drone solution and service providers should consider when it comes to expanding their portfolio into the defense sector
  • outlining the baseline expectations and requirements of the military and defense sector
  • helping commercial drone solution and service providers understand the potential roadblocks, challenges, and pitfalls that companies fall into when going this direction—and some tips on how to avoid or navigate them
  • defining the value of dual use drone technology in terms of the bottom line and beyond
  • providing examples of technologies and organizations that have been able to blur the line between defense and commercial technology 
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