The digitization of construction is dependent on the development of 3D technologies. Many established companies and startups are endeavoring to take advantage of 3D capture, visualization and modeling technologies that go beyond creating 3D CAD models. From 3D scanning done by robots to software that can make 3D measurements from 2D pictures, this report discusses four trends in 3D AEC tech to keep your eye on. Among them are:

  • Automatic and Autonomous 3D Reality Capture

  • Quicker Modeling and Viewing

  • New Ways to Visualize: Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • 2D Images to 3D Measurements

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Carla Lauter, Editor

Carla Lauter is the editor of and the AEC Next Newsletter. Before joining AEC Next and SPAR 3D, Carla spent 10 years working on NASA and National Science Foundation projects focusing on Earth Science communication. Most recently, she worked on web-based outreach and online interactives for NASA Earth Science satellite missions. She now contributes to the global news and events technology portfolio of Diversified Communications. If you have a story or news to share, contact Carla at [email protected]

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