For the construction industry, drone technology can help to drive decisions and complete tasks more quickly, with lower costs and increased safety. These factors are powerful ways to increase productivity.

Unfortunately, using a drone in the construction industry isn’t as simple as buying one and acquiring a software solution to plan automated missions. Before that, there are various subjects that need to be taken into consideration about which technology to use, its potential application, and its overall purpose.

This report discusses some of these considerations including:

  • Which jobs are particularly well-suited to drone use, and how to determine if buying or outsourcing the technology is the right choice
  • Choosing a specific drone solution from the many options available
  • Choosing the right kind of sensor; photogrammetry versus lidar
  • Current use-cases for drones in the construction industry

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João Antunes, Author

Technology in general makes João Antunes tick, but the specific ways it has created and changed the landscape in IT, gaming and computers ignited curiosity that’s turned into a passion for him. As the son of a journalist writing about how these industries have emerged and evolved, he has an incredible perspective when it comes to understanding the kind of disruption new technologies can create in a given space. He’s committed to showcasing what that disruption will mean for professionals as they work to utilize brand new pieces of hardware, software, systems and processes.

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