26 Essential Technologies for 2019

As money continues to flow into AEC, we’re seeing an unprecedented number of new, disruptive technologies hitting the market. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to keep them straight, or to know where to start when learning what’s possible for your business. This is why we at AEC Next, SPAR 3D, and Commercial UAV Expo have compiled a list of essential technologies you should know about in 2019. It’s not comprehensive—there’s a lot more technology to read about on our sites than we can cover here—but this list will give you a sense for just how much technology is changing the game in 2019, and a small taste of the amazing things new solutions can do for you.

Download our free report to explore our essential technologies list broken down into two categories: HARDWARE and SOFTWARE. Both include technologies for 3D capture, modeling, progress monitoring, machine-learning processing, augmented reality, and a whole lot more.

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