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Gordian_Scope-Better-Budgets_eBook_BOM_Cover.PNGFREE EBOOK: SCOPE OF WORK

An accurate budget estimate begins with a clear, detailed Scope of Work, yet it’s just the first step. There’s still a quantity takeoff to complete, and prices to apply and validate before an estimate is ready. But it starts with the scope. By thinking like a contractor and considering every step of the build, writing clearly and using reliable data sources, building owners and their representatives can create accurate budget estimates.

But how do you write a good scope? What information do you need? Where do you find it? Gordian has created a guide that contains everything you need to know. Learn how to think about the Scope of Work, how to write an effective scope, what information to include and where to find reliable data so you can create accurate budget estimates.

AEC Next is proud to bring you this eBook from Gordian, covering:
  • Scope of Work: The Basis of an Accurate Budget Estimate
  • What is a Scope of Work
  • Data Points: Sourcing Project Scope
  • Bigger Than a Budget: Operational Advantages to Clearly Defined Scopes
  • Scope Today, Success Tomorrow
Download the free eBook to access these insights and understand the next steps to creating a Scope of Work.
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