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, a Verisk business, is a leading research and consultancy business for the global energy, power and renewables, subsurface, chemicals, and metals and mining industries.

Produced in partnership with Intersolar North America, this special report by Wood Mackenzie takes a detailed look at the past and projected performance of the solar, energy storage, and e-Mobility markets—and at the opportunities this new energy trifecta may bring. 

Here's a glimpse of the 4 key findings explored in this report:

  • Residential Solar: 2019 was a landmark year as the market experienced increasing market diversification and new demand drivers such as power shut-offs in California. From 2019-2021, residential growth will range from 8% to 18% due to both emerging markets with strong resource fundamentals (like Florida and Texas) and markets with recent policy developments.

  • Residential Storage: 87.9 MWh of residential storage were installed in Q3 2019, rising 81% year-over-year. California was up 98% YOY, as a combination of economic drivers (NEM 2.0, time-of-use rates), incentives (SGIP), and increased interest in resilience in light of power shutoffs and wildfire risk.

  • Electric Vehicles: By 2030, increased EV penetration is expected to increase energy usage to 78.7 TWh. As battery energy vehicle sales continue to increase both in volume and market share among electric vehicles, level two chargers will become increasingly common among vehicle owners with off-street parking.

  • The New Energy Trifecta: Currently there are 32 GW of demand response registered in US wholesale market footprints with an estimated 90 GW of BTM flexibility that can be orchestrated as a VPP. BTM flexibility for VPP orchestration has the potential to grow to 162 GW.

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