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Updated May 14, 2020 with the COVID-19 Reset

Produced in partnership with Intersolar North America, this special report by Wood Mackenzie takes a detailed look at the past and projected performance of the solar, energy storage, and e-Mobility markets—and at the opportunities this new energy trifecta may bring. 

Here's a glimpse of the 4 key findings explored in this report:

  • Residential Solar: Post-Covid slump, 2020-2022, residential growth will resume double-digit growth due to both emerging markets with strong resource fundamentals like Florida and Texas and markets where recent policy developments have increased our near-term forecasts.

  • Residential Storage: The confluence of changing utility tariffs, reductions in NEM compensation, grid services opportunities, and California’s rooftop solar mandate will push the U.S. residential storage market past the 1 GWh mark in 2021 (a year later than previous outlook due to the Covid slowdown).

  • Electric Vehicles: By 2030, increased EV penetration is expected to increase energy usage to 70+ TWh. This increase both creates challenges for grid operators and opportunities for more granular control. EVs can undoubtedly create many benefits for electric utilities, such as revenue growth, smart charging and V2G opportunities.

  • New Flexibility for the Grid: We forecast that BTM flexibility for VPP orchestration has the potential to grow to 150+ GW. Value stacking bundles multiple value streams and can improve the economics of DERs, but policies regarding value stacking are yet to be defined.

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