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Part 1
PACE Study Tips

Part 2
PACE Module 1 Strategies for Success
Module 1: Interpersonal Communications: Interpersonal communication is the fundamental skill for success in any business environment: You’ll cover persuasion, written communications, confidentiality, self-promotion and others.

Part 3
PACE Module 2 Strategies for Success
Module 2: Task and Project Management: Above all, you are evaluated on your ability to get things done—so you’ll cover best ways to move work forward, manage time, supervise events, handle travel and emails, and manage work spaces.

Part 4 
PACE Module 3 Strategies for Success
Module 3: Computer and Internet Technologies: Ensure you’re on top of critical digital communications and tools—by covering critical hardware and software, productivity tools, online research, security, and networked computing.

Part 5
PACE Module 4 Strategies for Success
Module 4: Management Skills: Guiding others is a critical skill for every upwardly mobile admin professional. That’s why you’ll cover vision, mission and values, leadership, staff relations, decision-making, and managing teams.


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