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 June 1, 2020 

Is Your Body Language Helping or Hindering You?

Body language accounts for 55% of human communication. Hand movements, facial expressions, and posture say more about you than the words you speak – so what are you saying? Read on to learn how what goes unsaid can effect you at work.

Tapping into The Power of Influence

The ability to influence others isn’t exclusively linked to hierarchy and job titles. If you feel uncomfortable influencing others, especially when you’re not the most senior person in the room, this article will help you tap into your persuasive powers.

Integrating Office with OneDrive  

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage system for Office. Join technology trainer Marie Harris as she walks you through how to maximize OneDrive’s integrations so you can get organized and work smarter.

Tips for Partnering Virtually

Working from home adds an extra layer of complexity to professional communication. It can be hard to maintain the relationship and rapport you had in the office with the person or people you support. The tips in this download will help you be a productive and supportive partner even when you’re not in the same physical location.

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