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Your Role as a Project Manager

Recently taken the reigns on a new project? Project managers need to be able to convert available resources to deliverables with time, cost, and quality in mind, all while inspiring team collaboration. Read on for more about your role in each phase of a project

Embracing Creativity

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are valuable skills in the workplace. Embracing your creative side can help you come up with new ideas and solutions to persistent problems. This article will show you methods for tapping into your creativity in the workplace.

Big Picture Thinking

Depending on your role in your organization, it can be hard to see where your work fits into the “big picture”. Big picture thinking isn’t just for executives and leaders – it’s important for everyone to develop the strategic thinking skills that help you see what’s coming next.

 May 18, 2020 

Sharing Data Seamlessly

Microsoft Office programs don’t always play nicely together. With this vlog learn how to share data across Office programs like Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote without losing information – or your sanity.

All Aboard the G Suite Train

Google’s suite of tools is becoming more and more helpful for office collaboration. Learn about Google Drive, Docs, Forms, Keep, Sheets, and Slides with this informative webinar.

Tips to Stay Busy in Slow Times

Experiencing more down time than usual? Looking for ways to stay productive? From helping with a project to working on professional development, this download has tips for what to do when work is slow.

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