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Transforming Project Collaboration through a Common Data Exchange

AEC-IMG-2019-OIS-covershot.pngThe construction industry is primed for a digital disruption. Stagnant productivity and unreliable outcomes cannot (and will not) keep pace in the digital age of smart cities and cryptocurrency.

The Construction Progress Coalition (CPC) is defining a new baseline for the measurement of project performance across the design, build, inspect, and operate supply-chain that focuses on shared value, transparency, and streamlined collaboration. CPC hosted its second Open Integration Summit that brought together influential AEC & technology leaders to address the #SharedPains of poor data interoperability in construction. The following report is a graphical review of the discussions, debates, discoveries, conclusions, and next steps surrounding the four Common Data Exchange (CDX) challenge topics tackled inside the Open Integration Hub, including:

  • What are the challenges facing AEC professionals looking to streamline data flow across the project lifecycle?
  • What changes are necessary between people, process, and technology to overcome our #SharedPains with project collaboration and interoperability?
  • How does a CDX framework help project teams define integration requirements that also align with company and industry standards?
  • What real world opportunities exist for project teams to transform process and technology standards through a CDX Task Force?

Download the free report to access these insights and understand the next steps to creating a Common Data Exchange.
Download the Report
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